About Us

Owner Bio

Hi this is Shantanu Mukherjee. I have been working as a web developer since 2007 and have experienced working with clients from all over. I have more than 10 years experience in Custom PHP,Codeigniter,Laravel
WordPress and what not. With a B.Tech in computer science, I have explored all the niches of web development leaving no stone unturned.
My thirst for knowledge is the reason for my growth and
being thoroughly updated with latest trends, I have been keeping my clients quite happy.
Why us?

  1. We have been around for quite a while. As the name implies, at PHPSQUARE, we have
    years of experience in Custom PHP,Codeigniter,Laravel, WordPress, Joomla,HTML and CSS to
    provide an enhanced web experience.
  2. We are always looking forward to do something better, offer something better to our clients and we are never satisfied until you are contented with our services.
  3. For us, our work is our hobby, passion and whatever you call it. We eat, sleep and dream PHP. That makes us your best option to develop and design your website.
  4. If you are beginning to think that you are able to develop an online business on your own,
    we are the ones to help you with all the web services you need. And our help does not
    end with your website going live. We monitor it for one month to see that it’s performing
    well according to your expectations.
  5. It is needless to say that we are updated with the latest trends in digital technology for if we were not, we would not have been able to stand a second chance in the face of the cut throat competition out there. But we have a loyal client following so you know (winks).
  6. Take a look at our UPWORK profile link https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/~010e82ecfc549583a8/ for your reference .
    So contact us at PHPSQUARE and see your website getting huge preference in the search engines
    with a mobile responsive design and search engine friendly platform.